Equip your contact

center to speak

any language

in minutes

What if you could connect with any customer in the world?

Real-time translation for natural conversations

Our AI engine translates conversations in real time with low latency so every conversation feels face to face.

Break down barriers

What if you could connect with any market in the world? LiveTranslate connects contact centers to customers anywhere in the world in their native language.

Expand global reach

Go beyond language barriers and borders to connect with any customer in brand new markets.

Empower contact center agents

Equip contact center agents with the perfect go-between so they can take on every conversation without specialized language skills.

Deploy in minutes

A quick installation, instant activation, and you’re ready for global growth.

Connect with any customer in the world

Ready to think bigger and bolder? Global reach is as simple as pressing a button. Let’s get you connected with anyone in the world, in any language. Experience it for yourself in a 15-minute demo call.

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